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Projector S300

No matter if your projector is brand new or a few years old, Dell offers you a full suite of services to help protect your investment.

Dell Projectors and DLP®  Technology

What is DLP®  Technology?
DLP, or Digital Light Processing, is a light processing system that utilizes hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors to reflect images. It is widely considered to have one of the most accurate reproduction of color and images available today.

See how DLP Technology works

Dell uses DLP Technology in its Projectors to help ensure you get the most accurate reproduction of images available today.

Why choose DLP over LCD?

  • Better Performance Over Length of Time

    Picture reliability is how the images from your projector will look over time. When looking at a projected image, if you see an unusual amount of yellow or greenish hues in your images, that's what we call image degradation or Color Decay. Projectors that use DLP technology are designed to be virtually immune to Color Decay. However, LCD projectors can't make that same claim.

  • No Dust Filters

    LCD projectors require filters to keep dust out. These filters must prevent possible degradation to the optics and LCD panels. Frequency for cleaning a projector's filter is normally every 100 - 300 hours (1x every month to three months) and replacement of the filter is often recommended at each lamp replacement (Every 2,000 - 3,000 hours). There are DLP projector models that enable sealed optics which do not require filters, eliminating the need for this periodic maintenance cleaning and replacement. The result? Low maintenance needs which can translate to lower operating costs. If you're used to working with LCD projectors, you will understand.

    DLP and LCD Projector Cross-section

  • Stunning Image Qualitys

    What determines image quality?

    Fill Factor: the useable space of each pixel in the image.
    The higher the aperture ratio, the more "life-like" the images will appear.

    DLP and LCD Projector Aperture Difference

    Contrast Ratio: the difference between the white and black parts of the picture.
    The high native contrast ratio of DLP technology makes text from PowerPoint & Word look sharper and clearer in bright rooms.

    DLP and LCD Projector Contrast Ratio Difference

    Video Performance: How streaming video and graphics are reproduced.
    DLP has a faster switching speed which means a smooth, sharp video.

    DLP and LCD Projector Video Performance Difference

    Calculate the savings of choosing a Dell DLP projector versus a LCD projectorExternal link

    Visit Dell's full line-up of DLP projectors


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