IT Leaders

IT Leaders

  Transforming Education for the Digital Age


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Simplify the entire IT infrastructure

Proactively prepare schools to support 21st century education

More and more, school systems are turning to IT to help transform education inside and outside of the classroom. IT leaders play a critical role equipping schools with technologies that not only positively impact the teaching and learning environment, but also drive operational and cost efficiencies as a whole.

Deploy Technology Faster
Deploy Technology Faster

Manage Technology Better
Manage Technology Better
Realize gains in time and cost savings with virtualization, remote managed services, technical support and unified communications
Fully utilize your IT infrastructure with virtualization
Relieve the burden of technical support
Simplify communication and collaboration

Scale Technology Smarter
Scale Technology Smarter
Grow your school resources intelligently with the scope, power and efficiency of Dell's offerings
Control your ever-increasing storage needs
Strategically refresh servers to gain efficiency
Uncover cost-cutting opportunities
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