School Administrators

School Administrators

  Transforming Education for the Digital Age


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Lead the Education Transformation

Oversee the school’s effectiveness in supporting 21st century education

School leaders are pioneering change, encouraging greater educational outcomes through technology. By working closely with IT and curriculum leadership, administrators can effectively utilize technology where it will have the greatest impact on administrative decision-making, teacher effectiveness, and student achievement.

Equip the ClassroomDiscover the Power of the Connected Classroom
See how other educators have used technology in innovative and effective ways

Meeting the needs of your mobile population
Enable breakthrough student achievement

Enable Teaching & Learning TransformationsEnable Teaching & Learning Transformations
Teachers can access many forms of help as they integrate technology into the learning experience
Transforming teaching and learning
Preparing teachers for the connected classroom
Leading the education transformation
Engaging the digital generation

Prepare Teachers
Bring the Right Tools into Your School
Schools can take advantage of education specific online communities and collaboration software
Make collaboration possible

Provide Rich Digital Content
Provide Rich Digital Content
Bring Lesson Plans to life with a world of knowledge
Discovery Education
Britannica Online
Safari Montage
Lösungen und ServicesIDC-Videos

The Dell Learning Ecosystem

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