Learn about Dell Storage

Learn about Dell Storage

Dell Storage

Dell Storage Products

Storage Area Network
Network Attached Storage
Disk Storage Arrays
Disk Backup
Tape Automation
Tape Drives and Rack Enclosures

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Disk Storage
Enterprise Drives
Protection with RAID
Tape Storage
Why Tape Storage
Drive Interfaces
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Beyond Tape Storage for Enhanced Protection
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Dell Storage Products Overview

Learn about the storage technology Dell offers that can enable you to derive maximum value from your information infrastructure.

No other company knows more about storing and protecting information on Dell servers and storage arrays—than Dell. Direct feedback from customers--fueled by the Dell direct model--drives the design and development of a broad range of storage products for organizations of all sizes. Upon consulting with you to understand your operational objectives, Dell can design and deploy a custom storage solution and become a primary contact to assist you with your enterprise applications and information.

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Storage Area Network (SAN)
Storage Area Network (SAN):
A network of shared storage resources
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Network Attached Storage (NAS):
A storage server that connects to a network
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Disk Storage Arrays
Disk Storage Arrays:
Disk enclosures that connect to a server or network
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Disk Backup
Disk Backup :
Disk Based Backup and data protection
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Tape Automation
Tape Automation:
Automated tape systems for consolidated backup
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Tape Drives and Removable Disk Drives
Tape Drives:
Tape devices used to back up and restore information
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