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Learn about Disk Storage Technology

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Disk Storage from Dell

No other company knows more about storing and protecting information on Dell servers and disk storage arrays—than Dell. Direct feedback from customers--fuelled by the Dell direct model--drives the design and development of a broad range of disk storage products for organizations of all sizes. Dell introduces wide-scale innovation into its product portfolio through a combination of internal research and development and through collaborative partnerships with industry recognized leaders in disk storage. Dell tests and validates best-of-breed technologies to offer an integrated solution set from the application to the underlying infrastructure. Upon consulting with you to understand your operational objectives, Dell can design and deploy a custom disk storage solution and become a primary contact to assist you with your enterprise applications and information.

Disk Storage Challenges
Many successful, rapidly growing organizations confront the challenge of managing storage. Everyday, Dell works with thousands of businesses and institutions around the world facing issues concerning disk and capacity management. While each storage environment is unique, some challenges seem to be more common than others. Learn more about these disk storage challenges.

Disk Storage Architectures
When servers and new applications are deployed, disk storage must be factored into the solution. Traditional methods of disk storage are familiar to many IT administrators and well-suited for some applications. Yet for growing organizations who wish to achieve a high degree of disk management simplicity, value and power, networked storage architectures provide significant advantages. Which disk storage architecture is right for you?

Disk Storage Technology and Drive Interfaces
Disks are disks, right? Not necessarily. Beyond capacity, disk storage technology varies with respect to performance and reliability. Smart organizations use their knowledge of disk drive technology to align an appropriate level of responsiveness with the value of the information stored. Are you using the appropriate disk storage technology?

Disk Storage Protection with RAID
Disk drives, today, are more reliable than ever before. And yet because disk drives are mechanical devices, they are prone to failure. To mitigate the risk of mechanical failure and data loss, a server or storage array can be equipped with a degree of protection that will allow information to survive, even if a disk drive fails. Which level of disk storage protection is appropriate?


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