Learn about EqualLogic Software

Learn about EqualLogic Software
Auto-Snapshot Manager / VMware Edition
Dell EqualLogic SAN HeadQuarters
Learn About EqualLogic Software

Dell EqualLogic software gives you enterprise power with everyday simplicity by offering end-to-end solutions so you can efficiently move the right data to the right place at the right time for the right cost. EqualLogic PS Series is inspired by its users with built-in advanced software features enabling high-end storage to organizations of all sizes with no additional licensing fees.

The EqualLogic advanced software features enables IT professionals to:
  • Virtualize storage environments easily
  • Protect business critical data
  • Optimize storage performance
  • Streamline storage management and operations

By using the advanced features in EqualLogic, IT departments can leverage existing investments and maximize the capabilities of PS Series. Let EqualLogic do the work for you, while still maintaining control of your storage environment.

Advanced Software includes:

EqualLogic Array Software, including* EqualLogic Firmware*, *EqualLogic Group Manager* and *EqualLogic Manual Transfer Utility provides you with advanced SAN functions that automatically virtualizes and optimizes storage resources and provides advanced data protection and SAN management.

EqualLogic SAN Headquarters, a full-featured monitoring and analysis tool for EqualLogic PS storage arrays, helps strengthen your ability to analyze and optimize storage performance and resource allocation.

EqualLogic Host Integration Tools enable efficient data protection and simplify management and operation of the EqualLogic SAN through tight integration with Microsoft® , VMware® and Linux® operating platforms and applications. These tools can reduce the time spent on storage management while increasing the reliability and performance of the environment.

SAN Headquarters (SAN HQ) provides consolidated performance and robust event monitoring of multiple virtualized EqualLogic SAN groups distributed across different data centers.

SAN Network View

What’s new in SAN HQ 2.5?

SAN HQ v2.5 introduces SAN Assist feature that enables automated or on-demand, quick & efficient collection and upload of EqualLogic group diagnostics data to Dell to remove manual steps required during support processes.

Advanced feature enhancements include:
  • SAN Assist--automatic diagnostic data collection and transmission to Dell Support to expedite resolution of issues.
    Proactively monitor health of systems
    Reduce manual steps from entire support cycle where possible
    Minimize customer involvement in problem resolution
  • Support for EqualLogic Array Software 6.0 including Synchronous Replication, Snapshot Space Borrowing, Volume Undelete, and Volume Unmap

SAN HQ helps IT managers enjoy a well-tuned EqualLogic SAN to meet and surpass their business SLAs:
  • Improve performance by identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Effectively allocate group resources by identifying underutilized resources
  • Improve availability by proactively identifying problems
  • Plan for future by identifying requirements for storage growth
SAN HQ not only ensures that IT managers have the most optimal EqualLogic SAN setup for high-availability and high performance environments, it is also a powerful tool for planning SAN expansion and for successfully implementing expansion. The value of SAN HQ multiplies in customer environments that grows and flex. Benefits of SAN HQ include:
  • Multi-Group Management: SAN HQ enables centralized monitoring of multiple EqualLogic PS Series groups from a single graphical interface. IT managers can see information on all of the monitored groups at a glance and quickly focus on groups with potential issues - monitoring them more closely with detailed reports and analysis. Multi-site support provides a single pane of view of EqualLogic groups spread across geographies streamlining monitoring and analysis of EqualLogic groups in remote sites.
  • Comprehensive information about the EqualLogic PS Series arrays: SAN HQ provides comprehensive information on configuration, capacity, I/O performance and network performance for EqualLogic PS Series groups, pools, members, disks, volumes and volume collections. IT managers can effectively allocate group resources by better understanding storage capacity usage over time, identify underutilized resources, and improve performance by identifying performance bottlenecks and potential performance issues before they occur. These in depth analytical tools, enable flexible, granular views of SAN resources and provide quick notification of hardware, capacity, and performance-related problems.
  • Easy to use views: SAN HQ presents data in multiple views that is highly intuitive for IT managers to navigate and is suited for the needs of different customers. Normalized view reporting factors out data spikes and helps IT managers access a more realistic look at their normal operation. Live View displays data captured in brief session intervals at quick polling rates - helping IT managers diagnose or analyze a situation quickly. SAN HQ also has a Single Sign-on capability for launching EqualLogic Group Manager, part of EqualLogic Array Software.
  • Experimental analysis: SAN HQ collects information on current hardware configuration and distribution of reads and writes and provides information about PS Series group performance, relative to a specific workload. IT managers can perform experimental analysis to determine if a group has reached its full capabilities, or whether they can increase the group workload with no impact on performance. This helps in identifying requirements for storage growth and future planning. IT managers can also plan for optimal EqualLogic SAN performance configuration by using RAID Evaluator and identifying the effect of different RAID policies on the performance levels of the EqualLogic group.
  • Events and alerts: SAN HQ provides performance related and email alerts and hardware alarms on multiple parameters. This feature ensures users take timely action to make data more available and more secure. IT Managers can avert potential downtime and have their environment highly available.
  • Formatted reports, graphs and archives: Customizable reports and graphs are available on Performance, Capacity Utilization and Trending, Group Configuration with Alerts, Replication, Status, Host Connections and more. Reports such as the Group Diagnostics report shows an analysis of the group identifying non-recommended setups of the arrays. This report helps IT Managers quickly detect potential issues with the group.
  • SAN Assist - Diagnostic data collection and optional transmission to Dell Support: Collection of diagnostic data that can be, at your discretion, automatically transmitted to Dell Support to expedite resolution of issues.


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