NVIDIA®  GeForce®  GT 335M Graphics

NVIDIA®  OptimusTM  Technology NVIDIA®  OptimusTM  technology intelligently optimizes your notebook PC, providing the outstanding graphics performance you need, when you need it, all the while helping to extend battery life for longer enjoyment. Like a hybrid car seamlessly transitions from gas to electric, NVIDIA®  OptimusTM  technology automatically optimizes your computing experience so you can keep working without interruptions.
High Power — GeForce®  GT 335M GPU takes advantage of accelerated GPU features in Windows®  7 and built-in NVIDIA®  PhysX®  technology enabling hyper-realistic game play.

Superb Visuals — The powerful GeForce®  335M GPU brings more realistic game environments and virtual worlds, playing at high resolutions and fluid frame rates. Built-in NVIDIA®  PhysX®  technology enables hyper-realistic game play, so you can enjoy every dynamic detail of the latest, most anticipated games.

Next-gen Optimized — GeForce®  GT 335M GPUs let you fully enjoy the new visual capabilities and features built into Windows®  7. Experience a new class of GPU-accelerated video and image processing applications built with Microsoft’s new DirectCompute API.

Multimedia Magic — Take advantage of NVIDIA®  CUDA technology with accelerated applications, and experience new multimedia capabilities. Automatically clean up video from your camcorder with vReveal from MotionDSP, and easily edit HD movies with GPU-based applications like PowerDirector 7 by CyberLink.