Dell 네트워킹 무상수리 정보

Dell 네트워킹 무상수리 정보

Dell 네트워킹 무상수리 정보

Dell 네트워킹 무상수리 정보

Peace of mind

Select PowerConnectTM  switches are backed by an industry-leading, Lifetime Limited Warranty which guarantees Basic Hardware Service (hardware repair or replacement) for as long as you own the product*.

While Basic Hardware Service delivers reliable support for your hardware, most organizations benefit from additional levels of support to protect their IT investment and maximize productivity. We recommend Dell ProSupportTM * an enhanced suite of services that includes: 24x7 tech support, accelerated response times, immediate access to L2 technical experts, and proactive support options. Compare the additional features of ProSupport here. Go beyond the basics and start transforming your IT infrastructure into a true business asset.

Comparison of key industry lifetime warranties and terms

Dell PowerConnectHP NetworkingCisco
End of Life policyLifetimeLifetimeWarranty ends 5 years after product discontinuance
Typical Replacement1 Day1 Day1-10 days, varies by product
Power and FansLifetimeLifetime5 years
Optics and ModulesLifetimeLifetimeNo
Firmware maintenance updatesLifetimeFor as long as ownedFor as long as owned or up to 1 year from product discontinuance

*Lifetime Limited Warranty

Select PowerConnect products carry a lifetime limited hardware warranty with Basic Hardware Service (repair or replacement) for as long as you own the product. Repair or replacement does not include configuration or other advanced service and support provided by Dell ProSupport Services. The PowerConnect products covered by the lifetime limited hardware warranty are: the PowerConnect 2800 series, the PowerConnect 3500 series, the PowerConnect 5500 series, the PowerConnect 6200 series, the PowerConnect 7000 series, the PowerConnect 8000 series and the PowerConnect 8100 series. The warranty does not apply to products purchased before first announcement in Spring 2011. Dates vary by region. Contact customer service to verify if your product qualifies. See www.dell.com/Warranty for more details.

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