Equallogic PS Series iSCSI SAN

Equallogic PS Series iSCSI SAN
EqualLogic PS6510ES & PS6500ES
EqualLogic PS M4110
Dell EqualLogic FS7600
PowerVault PS4110
Powervault PS4100
Powervault PS6100
Dell EqualLogic FS7500

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Dell EqualLogic PS Series and to FS Series:
Scale-out virtualized storage for file- and block-level data

The EqualLogic family of virtualized storage solutions from Dell is fundamentally changing the way enterprises think about purchasing and managing storage. Built on an advanced, peer storage architecture, EqualLogic storage simplifies the deployment and administration of consolidated storage environments, enabling:

  • Perpetual self-optimization with automated load balancing across disks, RAID sets, connections, cache and controllers
  • Efficient enterprise scalability for both performance and capacity with no fork-lift upgrades
  • Powerful, intelligent and simplified management that is easy to manage
  • Improved productivity and streamlined IT infrastructure through single-platform block and file data storage capabilities
What's more, EqualLogic products include a comprehensive software portfolio with easy-to-use array software and host integration tools and no additional licensing fees.

EqualLogic virtualized-storage offers a simple path to rapid deployment, comprehensive data protection, enterprise-class performance and reliability, and seamless pay-as-you grow expansion. All EqualLogic PS Series arrays are completely interoperable and can be mixed and matched to build tiered storage within a single storage pool or across multiple pools.
Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 SeriesDell EqualLogic PS6110 SeriesDell EqualLogic PS6100 Series
Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Arrays
Dell's newest member of the EqualLogic PS Series, is the scalable and easy-to-manage Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array. Streamlined to scale in minutes. Designed to manage with ease. Our award-winning blade servers and EqualLogic storage arrays are designed for ease of management, energy efficiency and high availability to help you avoid complexity and build a converged infrastructure that will scale as you grow.
Dell EqualLogic PS6110 Series

The PS6110 Series 10GbE arrays are designed for large enterprise endeavors with multiple physical and/or virtual servers. Virtualized scale-out architecture delivers true storage simplicity, reliability and performance that enterprises need to meet their needs—today and tomorrow.
Dell EqualLogic PS6100 Series

EqualLogic PS6100 Series arrays are designed to meet the performance and availability needs of virtualization environments in medium to large enterprises. Featuring six array configurations, including 2U/2.5" drive options, there is an EqualLogic solution suited for your capacity and performance requirements.
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Dell EqualLogic PS4110 SeriesDell EqualLogic PS4100 SeriesDell EqualLogic FS7600 Series
Dell EqualLogic PS4110 Series

The Dell EqualLogic PS4110 Series 10GbE array is designed with the remote/branch office and small-to-medium enterprise in mind: Easy administration, enterprise software and virtualized architecture at an affordable price.
Dell EqualLogic PS4100 Series

The Dell EqualLogic PS4100 Series is designed to address the needs of remote office/branch office and small-to-medium business storage deployments. The PS4100 series continues the EqualLogic tradition of scaling performance linearly with capacity.
New! Dell EqualLogic FS7600 Unified Storage Solution

The new FS7600 and FS7610 NAS Appliances with Dell Scalable File System bring fully integrated, end-to-end unified storage to your EqualLogic storage system. These solutions work with EqualLogic PS Series arrays to deliver the core benefits of the EqualLogic platform, including peer scaling, ease-of-use features and all-inclusive software licensing, plus newly introduced features to the EqualLogic FS Series.
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Dell EqualLogic FS7500 SeriesDell EqualLogic PS6500 Series
Dell EqualLogic FS7500 Unified Storage Solution

Expand block-and-file capacity and performance in live, production environments with the EqualLogic FS7500 and Dell Scalable File System, the only scale-out unified storage architecture optimized for midsize and smaller EqualLogic storage deployments.
Dell EqualLogic PS6500/PS6510 Series

The EqualLogic PS6500 series models offer exceptional storage capacity and performance, and the PS6510 series models add the power of 10GbE technology and increased bandwidth performance for critical business applications, virtualization, storage consolidation and high-performance data backup and data protection.
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