1080p HD 3D Gaming — Next level gaming immersion is all about increasing the awareness of your environment and your characters. NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology brings the action and characters to life and into your space! By selecting a compatible NVIDIA graphics card and the NVIDIA 3D Vision kit, all you need is a 120Hz stereoscopic display like our Alienware OptXTM  AW2310 23" 3D Full HD Widescreen Monitor and you’ll be launched into the world of true, high-performance, 1080P 3D hardcore gaming experience!

NVIDIA PureVideoTM  HD — Featuring the NVIDIA PureVideo HD video engine. The GPU delivers full 1080p, eye-popping visual clarity for Blu-ray DiscTM  and Hi-def videos. By managing all video decoding, the processor is freed up to support higher bit-rates and features such as picture-in-picture movies and interactive menus.

Microsoft®  DirectX®  10 — Delivers dynamic lighting and shading, along with 3D film-quality effects for collisions and larger-than-life explosions, creating a lifelike gaming experience.

PhysXTM  by NVIDIA — A powerful physics engine, which enables real-time physics on your Aurora desktop. PhysX is designed to provide an exponential increase in physics processing power, and can take gaming to a new level by delivering rich, immersive physical gaming environments.

CUDATM  by NVIDIA — CUDA technology lets you tap into the massive processing power of the GPU to make video and photo editing operations times faster by solving many complex computational problems in a fraction of the time required on a CPU. Business professionals and designers can tap into CUDA as a personal supercomputer speeding up analysis from hours and days down to minutes.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphics