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Doing More with Your Printer: Professional Printing

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Professional Documents
The Basics
Nowadays, "professional-quality printing" isn't simply a catch phrase: Inkjet printers can turn out stunning graphics and great-looking prints. And you don't have to be a graphics professional to turn out professional docs: With the right formatting, a good Microsoft Word document can impress your audience.

How to Print Like a Professional
Professional-quality printing can be achieved using the following guidelines:
  • Print using the highest-quality setting on your all-in-one inkjet printer. For extra-crisp photographs, invest in photo print cartridges.
  • Print on the paper your printer manufacturer recommends. Many inks are made to bond with specific paper types. Look for high-quality paper from your manufacturer for the best quality output. We recommend 80gsm white paper for everyday printing and Dell Premium photo paper for photo printing.
  • Spend time getting to know the program you're using to create your document. Small touches like headers, footers, and formatting can make a big difference in the final presentation.

Advice on Professional Printing
  • Make sure that your printer cartridges are properly aligned before printing a professional document. A printer test sheet, available from your printer, can help you ensure good alignment.
  • While crisp photos can add a nice touch, avoid clip art that may give your document an amateur feel.

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