How to Shop and Buy at the Dell Store

How to Shop and Buy at the Dell Store

How to Shop and Buy

How to Shop & Buy
Select a system of interest
Customize and price your system of interest
Get Sales help in finalizing and submitting your order
Place your order / quotation request online now
Place your order / quotation request online now if concerned about the privacy or security of your order information
Save your cart for submission at a later date
Share your cart with others prior to submitting it
Retrieve a saved cart
Payment Options
Delivery Time
Security & Privacy

Retrieve a saved cart

Go to your country home page. Select the Store that is most appropriate for you.

Upon reaching the Store welcome page, select "Retrieve Saved Cart" from left hand menu bar.

On the page that follows, simply enter the reference number or your e-mail address (the e-mail address associated with the cart at the time it was saved). Or, a "Cart Name" can be substituted for the e-mail address. Click "Continue".
  • Saving a cart does not guarantee product availability or lock pricing. Upon retrieving your saved cart, you will be notified of any changes in pricing (typically prices will be lower!) and if any of the systems in your cart have become invalid due to product changes at Dell. These notifications are one-time only and will appear to the first person viewing your saved cart.
  • If a system is identified as now invalid, it will be automatically removed from your cart and the system will have to be re-configured from scratch -- we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If a price change is noted for a valid system, this price will be in effect upon completing retrieval of the saved cart.

Click "Get This Cart" to complete retrieval of your saved cart. With you cart retrieved, you can now edit the items in your cart, add other items to your cart, re-save it as another cart, or place your order.
  • If the cart you see is not the cart you wanted, you can retrieve another by selecting "Get Another Cart".

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