How to Shop and Buy at the Dell Store

How to Shop and Buy at the Dell Store

How to Shop and Buy

How to Shop & Buy
Payment Options
Delivery Time
Security & Privacy

Privacy or Security of your order information

Place your order online now if concerned about the privacy or security of your order information

Of course, the security and privacy of your order information are very important to us. And we realize that despite our best efforts to minimize your concern, you may still be reluctant to submit your order online. That's why we offer the ability to submit your order requests online and provide your more personal information later over the phone. Here's how:
  • After adding your system(s) of interest to your shopping cart and while viewing your shopping cart, select "Continue". This will take you to our Store's checkout section.
    You can either access the cart from your current shopping session or retrieve a saved cart from a previous visit. Click "Retrieve Saved Cart" to retrieve a saved cart.

  • Here you can provide only the minimum amount of information necessary to process your order request. More specifically, you will be asked only to provide enough information so that one of our sales representatives can get back in touch with you. No credit card numbers need be provided.
    Select the "Please have a Dell representative contact me for my payment details" payment option when asked for a payment option.

  • Click "Submit Order" after reaching the Confirm & Submit Order page. Do this only after reviewing the order details and ensuring their accuracy.
    Return to your checkout form or your shopping cart via the links provided to make any adjustments to your order.