Dell Services

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Why Dell Services


Services Overview

Dell believes that the selection of an IT services solutions provider is a crucial decision that will define the long-term success for companies well into this new millennium. This strategic significance has not been lost on our Services Team at Dell. We understand that significance and are committed to providing the right services designed to help improve the customer experience for all of our products -while helping to lower our customers' total cost of ownership (TCO).

Dell's Direct Service Model

At Dell, we have operated from the outset on a very simple principle - that by dealing direct, we can better anticipate, understand and address our customers' unique needs and provide solutions for the challenges they face. Our customers are discovering that the advantages enjoyed through Dell's direct business model are not limited only to the products we provide, but also extend to the service solutions we offer.

Dell Is More Than A Direct Computer Manufacturer

Our direct model also allows us to deliver a wide range of services to address our customers' mainstream services requirements. Because of our ability to own and manage the entire new product supply chain, we are uniquely positioned to integrate and deliver end-to-end services throughout the entire process.

It's About Industry-Leading Service And Support

The numerous awards and recognition that we have received is indicative of our leadership role in service and support delivery. We believe that Dell is uniquely positioned in the IT industry to provide the best value proposition by providing right products - tightly coupled with a comprehensive range of service solutions designed with our customers and their organization in mind.

By leveraging on best-in-class service providers through our virtual integration model, we are able to deliver services, which have been designed to reduce our customers' total cost of ownership (TCO). Our services are delivered as part of a personalized, totally accountable relationship with our customers - giving our customers the flexibility and choice to decide which solution best fits our customers' requirements.

Dell offers customized service portfolios that respond to the specific needs of our customers. Whether those needs are straightforward or complex, global or localized, Dell Services can help... one solution at a time.

Outstanding End-To-End Service

It all begins with quality products. Our service and support processes are tightly coupled with manufacturing and development. From improving system uptime to helping our customers to optimize new technologies. From the standardization and transition management to custom hardware and software integration. Right down to the delivery and installation of customers' new, custom-built Dell systems. Dell Service Solutions have been designed to help customers maximize their IT resources. That's the Dell challenge.

Premier Enterprise Support
Dell's tiered Premier Enterprise Support Services help satisfy the unique needs of server and storage customers across a wide range of computing environments.
Custom Integration
The unique Custom Factory Integration service from Dell provides an extensive range of custom built, factory installed solutions.
Our installation services will help you plan ahead, save time, alleviate technicalities and implement your new system quickly and effectively with the minimum amount of disruption - The future of support is here.
Technical Support Services
Dell's award winning online support provides technical assistance on Dell hardware. Corporate customers are advised to go to Dell Premier Support for more advanced support features and functionalities
Hardware support
On-line, email and telephone technical support with service options ranging from collect and return and International on-site service for notebooks through to 24x7 service for mission critical applications.
Dell Financial Services
Dell Financial Services offers a range of competitive financial management options from simple hardware leases to complete financial solutions. The DellWare online catalogue provides a comprehensive range of industry-leading software, peripherals, software and add-ons.

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