Upgrade to Microsoft® Exchange 2003

Upgrade to Microsoft® Exchange 2003

Count on DellTM  for all the service you need to make your upgrade to Microsoft®  Exchange Server 2003 smooth and affordable. With Microsoft®  Exchange Server 2003, your organization can realize real-world messaging improvements, such as:

  • Increase the users per server from 1,000 to 4,000*
  • Boost your organization's productivity, security, mobility and compliance
  • Cut the time it takes to backup databases*
  • Lower the number of servers required to support your business*

Unbeatable value of "Upgrade to Microsoft® Exchange 2003" offering

The "Upgrade to Microsoft®  Exchange 2003" offering is a pre-packaged service with a fixed-time/ fixed-cost commitment. We can help you simplify the migration path to Microsoft Exchange 2003 and put in place the right infrastructure for your messaging system. Our basic offering covers the following activities:

  • Interview-based discovery and assessment of your infrastructure and messaging needs
  • Configure and install one front-end Exchange server* at one location
  • Validate, test and remediate issues to ensure the proper functionality of Microsoft Outlook®  Web Access
  • Migrate up to 250 mailboxes* (50GB*) and 10GB* of public folders from the old to new Exchange system
  • Prepare you for 12/31/05*, the day Microsoft's extended paid support for Microsoft®  Exchange Server 2003 ends.

Why Migrate to Microsoft® Exchange 2003?

  • Real-time backup of Exchange data strengthens the backup & recovery process
  • Improved stability and reliability e.g. ease of integration with system monitoring tools
  • Enhanced user application, server and directory capabilities eg virus warnings and SPAM management
  • Enables the use of Active Directory (in various modes) for greater convenience
For more details, you can download the DellTM  Upgrade to Microsoft®  Exchange 2003 brochure here .