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Smart Selection Offerings

Smart Selection Offerings

Smart Selection Offerings

Dell Professional Services has a series of modular services that are based upon 2-day consultative exercises, with the objective of helping customers take advantage of today's emerging technologies.

The Dell Smart Selection Service is the first step in a complete path to implementation. Dell's standard Project Framework consists of four distinct phases and the Dell Smart Selection Service is the initial step that helps customers to move ahead into the "Detailed Analysis" and "Detailed Design" phases without committing to the final design and implementation.

Dell Smart Selection Services quickly delivers an initial architectural plan and gap analysis report to identify risks for full deployment.

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Our core Smart Selection service offerings are:

  • Smart Selection to Backup Design
  • Smart Selection to Exchange Migration
  • Smart Selection to Active Directory Design
  • Smart Selection to SQL Migration
  • Smart Selection to Windows Migration

The key deliverable is a report that identifies the findings from the consultation session and a next-step recommendation.

Smart Selection Offering - 2-day Consulting

Fast track service

Is Smart Selection Offering suitable for you?

Smart Selection offerings are affordable and modularised, allowing you to easily choose a consulting solution at a standard price. Here is a list of what the solutions can do for you:

Our Smart Selection Offering will cover:

  • Assessment of current customer environment.
  • High-level architectural plan on the migration approach.
  • Written report on the final architectural plan or the migration approach.

Our Smart Selection Offering will not cover:

  • Repair or troubleshooting of existing systems or environment
  • Configuration or installation of equipment
  • Recommendations involving non-Dell products
  • Low-level architectural plan and configuration for systems

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