Assessment, Design & Implementation

Assessment, Design & Implementation
Dell Services

Dell Services offers standard-based service solutions that help you better utilize emerging technologies, enhance efficiencies and maximize the value of IT investments. Dealing directly with you the customer, we provide services that are based on metrics and tailored to your specific business and technology needs.

Our core services blend Dell's best practices, standardized delivery and purchasing model with expertise in solving today's most pressing IT challenges.

  • Skills accumulated while deploying Dell systems worldwide
  • Practical experiences in handling various demands from a wide range of customers, as well as proposing and deploying Dell solutions
  • Experience in implementing Dell server/storage, and connecting with servers from other vendors

Leveraging the capabilities of Dell's partners in delivering on standardizing service offerings for various systems and solutions, we are committed to helping customers solve today's most pressing IT challenges.

Dell's Assessment, Design & Implementation

Our approach to any solution/proposal begins with a full understanding of the customer's business requirement. We will then address the customer's needs; partnering industry leaders (whenever possible) to deliver the following benefits:

  • Excellent System Solution Design
  • Single Point of Contact from proposal to deployment
  • Project Management

Service Offering Overview

Dell's Oracle Enterprise System Consulting

Scalability and reliability considerations typically translate to Unix as the selected OS. However, this may represent high initial IT investment and maintenance cost. Therefore, many IT executives who wish to cut cost are inclined to use IA Server.

With leading and pioneering technologies, Dell's PowerEdgeTM  is designed for a Scale-out system around Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle Application Server.

Dell's Oracle Consulting Service covers every aspect of Oracle system migration, design and implementation.

Dell's Microsoft®  Business Solution Consulting

Dell Service is capable of constructing for customers a reliable solution at lower TCO for the following requirements :- new Windows ServerTM  2008/Exchange server 2010 environment or a migration from the existing Windows environment.

Dell will work with experienced Microsoft-certified solution partners to conduct site investigation, system design, system transition plan and implementation issues.

Dell's Server/Storage Consulting

Dell provides the most appropriate design and proposal for the import of server/storage based on server/storage consulting service, backup solution for data protection, file availability and storage flexibility enhancements, monitoring resources in server/storage system, with perfect collaboration of technology, service and know-how that help support the IT system of our customers.

Dell Enterprise Training

Dell Enterprise Training provides effective instructor-led courses at an affordable price - building the skills you need to maximize both your potential and your organization's competitive edge.

Why Assessment, Design & Implementation?

  • Provides single point of accountability for all aspects of projects - hardware, software, services and training - so customers don't have to deal with multiple vendors
  • Leverages Dell's best practices and tools-based methodologies, gained from years of solving IT challenges by implementing Dell and other standards-based products
  • Utilizes project management model that speeds up implementation assuming responsibilities of projects from start-to-finish and identifying and ensuring customer expectations are met
  • Shares risks by offering fixed fee, fixed scope, limited duration engagements, which evaluate and assess customers' environments then present the risks associated with the proposed project. DPS then presents a plan for moving forward along with the costs. In this manner, DPS assumes part of the risk of the project should cost over-run occurs.

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