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Dell Asset Recovery Services Help Maximise Value for Customers Dell offers a comprehensive suite of Asset Recovery Services* to help you maximise your IT investments and minimize storage costs in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Asset Recovery Services Provide Peace of Mind

Properly disposing or reselling computer equipment is an ongoing and often unresolved task for many of today’s enterprises. Left unattended, the problem of obsolete IT equipment can easily become costly and resource-intensive. In today’s age of data security, proper measures must be followed to ensure that sensitive information does not fall into wrong hands. Yet many organisations simply do not have the resources to properly remove used systems, particularly those with multiple locations or vast numbers of users. Environmental liability is also an important concern when disposing of obsolete equipment. To overcome these challenges more and more companies are choosing DellTM  to professionally manage their disposal, recycling and asset recovery programs.

Value Recovery

With Dell Asset Recovery Services, we can assess your equipment and help you effectively recover the value of your outdated technology when it is resold through our Value Recovery program.

Key features
  • Security. We can help you protect sensitive data by removing tags and labels from equipment, overwriting readable hard drives and shredding inoperable disks.*
  • Environmental compliance. We can help you dispose of your old systems in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Reliability. We can provide certification that hardware we have collected for resale or disposal has been recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Value. We can help eliminate the cost of storing end-of-life systems. If your old systems are in good condition, we can help you recover potential residual value in relation to equipment suitable for resale.
  • IT productivity. We can alleviate the need for you to apply sophisticated IT resources to low-value activities like disposal.


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