Multi-Tier Model for Infrastructure Computing

Multi-Tier Model for Infrastructure Computing

Multi-Tier Model

Multi-Tier Model for Infrastructure Computing
Tier 1: Router, firewall, cache server(s), load balancing server(s), web server(s)
Tier 2: Application servers
Tier 3: Database servers

Multi-Tier Model for Infrastructure Computing

Choosing the right tool is an essential part of completing any job in the most efficient and cost effective manner, while gaining the maximum performance. The same holds true for building a computing infrastructure. Using a three-tier model, as seen above, will enable you to build a cost effective and efficient environment while maximizing your entire infrastructure's performance.

A three-tier model is commonly broken down into cache, load balancing and web servers, application servers, and database servers. Each of the three tiers has its own specific needs and may require a different solution to achieve those needs. Dell Appliance Servers were designed to be cost effective and efficient, targeted to maximize the performance of your IP related, 'front end' functions.

As appliance servers are used to build the front end tier (cache, load balancing and web servers) of your internet infrastructure where IP routing and processing of static content is more common, PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage, through their redundancy and internal system scalability, are ideally suited to meet the transactional, dynamic content needs of the application and database server functions.

Through the use of Dell Appliance Servers, PowerEdgeTM  and PowerVaultTM  solutions, you can build a cost effective, efficient and performance-based computing infrastructure to meet the changing needs of your organization.

The diagram above illustrates a multi-tier architecture blueprint. This Internet site has users connected to their network through the Internet via a browser. It represents a typical three-tier infrastructure:


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