Projector Buying Guide

Projector Buying Guide

Other things to consider

Remotes with radio frequency (RF) allow you to interact with the projector from up to 50 feet away. They're great for larger conference rooms or overhead projection configurations.
Infrared (IR) devices use an infrared signal. With infrared you need to be within 25 feet of the projector. Remotes that include mouse control and a laser pointer make presentations easier. Multifunction remotes that have zoom, sources control and keystone correction make custom setups easier.
HDTV compatibility is nice when using your projector as a home theater.
Fan Noise is something to consider if you are in a small room and do not want to have a discussion over the noise of the fan.
Connectivity is key if you are going to use multiple video sources. Make sure the projector accepts a variety of video and PC inputs to allow you to connect a full range of devices to the projector. Always know how the projector will be used and to what equipment it will need to connect.
Lamp Life is how many hours your bulb is expected to last until it has dimmed to a percentage of its original brightness (usually measured up to 50% of its original brightness). Some projectors have a Eco Mode setting that will dim the bulb in order to increase the bulb life. Useful if you do not need the full brightness. The longer the bulb life the longer you can go without replacing the bulb, thereby decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership.
Carrying Case is important when traveling. There are many different designs. If you travel frequently, then a hard shell carrying case that is drop tested is important. Soft-shelled cases may get damaged in airplane overhead compartments. Cases with wheels that will also carry your notebooks are available and make getting from place to place less stressful on your shoulders.
Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Return to depot warranties require you to send the projector back to the manufacturer for repair. Sometimes at your expense. Not recommended for business critical projectors. An Advance Exchange Service is also available. Advance Exchange means that the manufacturer will send you a replacement projector before they receive the malfunctioned projector back.


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Other things to consider

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