Dell at Your Service

Dell at Your Service
Introducing Dell at Your Service
We’ve got what you need to keep your computer up and running!

No longer is the home an uncomplicated, technology free zone! Today we have multiple computers, high speed broadband access, wireless networks, and the ability to access more movies, photos, music and other fabulous content than we ever dreamed possible. So how do you get everything set up exactly the way you want it and what happens when it starts misbehaving? That’s where Dell @ Your Service comes in.

Dell @ Your Service offers two great solutions to choose from - Dell On Call Subscription and Dell On Site. We save you time, effort and hassle by ensuring that our highly qualified technicians are on hand to sort out any issue, large or small and teach you how to get the most out of your technology. It's like having your very own IT team on tap!
Dell On Call Subscription

Subscribe to Dell On Call and it will give you the peace of mind to know that there's someone to call if things ever go wrong.
   • available 7 days a week
   • remotely access your computer
   • fix any software issue
   • help with those "how do I?" questions.

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On Site Support

Ask a friendly, qualified gizmotech to come to your place, at a time that suits you (they work weekends and evenings as well!). Help with anything from:
   • setting up your new computer
   • connecting to the internet
   • transferring data (like photos and music) from your old
   • setting up a wireless network
   • Just teach you some new tricks to help you get more out of
      your computer.

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