Recycle Program

Dell Recycling

Dell Recycling


You may be eligible for a cash rebate voucher by recycling your used computer with Dell. If your PC is less than three years old, in good working order and has a Pentium III processor or later, you can request an estimate if its value prior to recycling.

Email the details to Dell and request an estimate. You will need to know the PCs:
  • processor type and speed, example: Pentium III, 1GHz
  • hard disk storage capacity, example: 30Gb
  • memory size, example 256Mb
  • optical drive: cd, cd/rw and/or dvd drive?
  • internal modem
  • monitor or screen size on notebooks, example 17" CRT.
We will email you an estimate within two business days.

In general, used computer equipment over three years old has little or no value on the resale market.

DELL'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All sales subject to Dell's terms and conditions. You can find them by clicking on "Terms and Conditions of Sale" located at the bottom of our website, www.dell.co.nz OR on request