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Commitment to Customers, Commitment to the Environment

As personal computers have become common in most homes, there is a growing concern about the environmental impact of old computers, computer parts and other electronic products. When you are ready to dispose of your old PC and computer-related devices, Dell is here to help.

With Dell Recycling you know your old computer will be disposed of safely.

Recycling with Dell is easy. Follow the steps below and we'll make sure your old electronics are recycled properly.

Dell Recycling instructions:
  • Read the Terms and Conditions www.dell.co.nz/recycle/terms for participation in the Dell Recycling program.
  • Contact Dell Recycling on 0800 440 603 or email recycling_dell_nz@dell.com
  • Dell will arrange to pick up the equipment at your home for a flat fee of $10 plus $13 per item* in metropolitan areas or $15.50 if you are more than 40 km from your capital city* (credit card payments only).
    *You can also take your PC to one of two drop off points in Auckland and Wellington for $8.50 per unit.
  • Late model equipment may also be eligible for a cash rebate voucher www.dell.co.nz/recycle/voucher to be redeemed for cash against any Dell products purchased up to 90 days before the date of the voucher or 180 days after.
    *A PC with monitor is 2 units. Volume discounts apply.

DELL'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All sales subject to Dell's terms and conditions. You can find them by clicking on "Terms and Conditions of Sale" located at the bottom of our website, www.dell.co.nz OR on request