Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista
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Windows Vista on Studio Dell

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Windows Vista

Fast boot and resume times, easy search techniques, and automatic repair features can help increase productivity and reduce the strain on your IT staff.

Windows Vista®  can be implemented into different hardware profiles easily through image-based deployment, helping you reduce time on installation and configuration. Advanced diagnostics and remote assistance tools can also make it quick & cost-efficient to identify and repair problems.

Help protect against spam, spyware and unwanted intrusion with the heightened security features of Windows Vista®  while maintaining better management over user's systems and Internet activity through increased account controls. Automated backups help ensure your data is sheltered in the event of IT problems.

Want simplified connectivity plus mobile security? Windows Vista®  offers optimized data synchronization between PCs, servers and devices, and provides the Windows Meeting Space for easy ad-hoc collaboration. All mobile settings are centrally managed from the Windows Mobility Center, and heightened security helps protect your data when connecting on the go.
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Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista®  offers more choice in functionality than previous versions of Windows products to date. Dell has partnered with Microsoft to help ensure that select Dell PCs are designed to optimize the breadth of choices available.

Windows Vista
Dell has worked with Microsoft to help ensure select custom-configurable Dell PCs are designed to optimize the new premium features of Windows Vista® . Through collaborative efforts around security, performance and mobility, Dell PCs are built to showcase the new Microsoft Windows capabilities.
Windows Vista
Dell PCs are as scalable as you would like your Windows Vista®  experiences to be. Whether you want to deploy Windows Vista®  now, or next year, select Dell PCs are customized to meet your needs for migration. Through our strong partnership with Microsoft, and other leaders, future requirements are designed into our PCs.
Windows Vista
Dell believes that superior execution requires operational excellence, focus and single-point accountability. Dell has developed a suite of services focused on helping you assess, design and deploy Windows Vista®  throughout your IT infrastructure. From full-deployment, to phased migration, Dell professional services can help you shift to Windows Vista® .

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Windows Vista

Companion to Windows Vista®  Business, Microsoft®  Office 2007 and Microsoft®  Exchange Server 2007 can revolutionize your workplace. Redesigned interfaces can result in employees needing less training and reliance on IT for help. Both Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 feature reduced compatibility issues, and come with trusted Microsoft®  tools to assist with the upgrade process. With Windows Vista®  on Dell systems, you have single-point contact for both hardware and software support from Dell services.

Windows Vista

Dell offers three options of Windows Vista®  to choose from, depending on your system specifications and preferences. For small business, Dell recommends either Windows Vista®  Business, an OS designed to meet specific needs such as improved collaboration and efficiency capabilities, advanced security features, and enhanced mobile productivity or Windows Vista®  Ultimate, which offers all those benefits and more.

Windows VistaWindows Vista®  Ultimate
  • Full-featured, flagship edition
  • Includes advanced business-focused infrastructure
  • Incorporates mobility-focused capabilities
  • Enhanced security and encryption                                    

Windows VistaWindows Vista®  Business
  • Windows Aero user interface
  • Windows Tablet PC capability
  • Additional security & mobility features
  • Small business-specific features                                    

Windows VistaWindows Vista®  Home Basic
  • Advances in security and reliability
  • Parental controls
  • Windows Vista®  basic interface
  • Search and Organize innovations                                    
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