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Dell/EMC Alliance

Dell/EMC Alliance
Dell/EMC CX4 Storage Array Series

New Announcement: Dell/EMC Partnership Expanded and Extended through 2013

Dell and EMC announced the multi-year extension, through 2013, of their strategic partnership that began in 2001. In addition, Dell will be increasing their product line-up by adding the EMC Celerra NX4 storage system to the portfolio of Dell | EMC family of networked storage systems, as well as partnering on a new line of De-duplication products as part of its TierDisk family of storage solutions that will provide compatibility and choice in this fast growing segment of the storage market.

"By broadening and extending our deep alliance Dell and EMC are able to deliver to customers fully integrated datacenter solutions as the preeminent storage partners to customers worldwide. Users and Enterprises in the Connected Era have an insatiable appetite for storage. Today’s economic realities place an emphasis on efficient solutions that consolidate and virtualize – which through our long-standing partnership we are well positioned to deliver." (Dell CEO, Michael Dell in 2008 Dell Press release).

"This relationship had its genesis during a challenging time in the economy and a desire by both companies to provide cost-effective solutions to customers who still had to manage ever increasing amounts of information. The same is true today, and while Dell and EMC are both very different than they were in 2001, we are committed to our mutual customers and to delivering industry-leading technologies that can provide them maximum return on their investment." (EMC CEO, Joe Tucci in 2008 EMC Press release).

Dell and EMC have worked together to simplify the IT of our mutual customers. This global partnership combines EMC's storage product expertise with Dell's focus on driving down cost and complexity, creating the industry’s leading storage partnership. Our customers benefit by having the ability to purchase end-to-end enterprise solutions - including industry leading hardware, software, and services- directly from Dell. One single source - one single point of accountability.

New Solution Announced

Dell/EMC CX4

Introducing the Next Generation of Dell/EMC CX Storage Arrays Storage optimized for tomorrow
The new Dell/EMC CX4 series provides high performance future-ready platforms for your critical data that are both highly available and flexible. The innovations and modularity offered with these massively scalable storage arrays helps protect your organization’s bottom line by allowing your storage infrastructure to meet your needs today and tomorrow.
  • Connect both iSCSI and Fibre Channel (FC) hosts to the same storage array
  • Easily add more ports when needed as well as 8Gbit FC and 10Gbit iSCSI in the future
  • Employ virtual provisioning to help reduce costs and increase utilization
  • Tier data to meet performance and capacity needs on enterprise flash (EFD), FC, SATA and low power SATA drives

Dell/EMC Leadership

From purchase to productivity faster with Dell’s Remote Installation and SAN-ready PowerEdge servers Dell’s Simple San Deployment (remote installation) lowers deployment costs by ~ 50% for qualifying configurations and total solution cost by ~10%.

Featured Solution

Dell AX4-5

Easy to Use, Easy to Grow
The new Dell AX4-5 SAN combines easy-to-use features with the scalability and reliability of advanced storage arrays. The AX4-5 can support up to 64 hosts and up to 60 drives across four enclosures to provide the headroom to help keep up with the data growth challenges faced by small to medium businesses and remote offices of large organizations. The AX4-5 has inherited many of the proven, extensive and easy-to-use advanced software capabilities that have previously only been available on the more advanced Dell/EMC CX3 arrays.

Flexible Connectivity and Tiered Storage to Meet Your Needs
The AX4-5 enables organizations to choose a network interconnect that is right for their environment. AX4 iSCSI arrays support cost-effective IP networks, while Fibre Channel arrays utilize high-performance 4Gb/s connections. The AX4-5 can also easily mix SAS drives geared for performance with SATA drives that deliver cost-effective capacity.


CX4 Video Resources

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