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Archiving & Mailbox Management

Secure Exchange Archive & Mail Management

Master the complexities of archiving and mailbox management

  • Is your company struggling with the tangled web of compliance regulations?
  • Are you seeking to reduce the complexities of data retention and access?

Many of today’s enterprise e-mail infrastructures aren’t designed with new-millennium challenges in mind. The potential consequences can range from reduced employee productivity all the way up to complex legal penalties.

Our Secure Exchange Archiving and Mailbox Management solution meets the challenge. We’ve worked with Symantec’s engineers to integrate Symantec Enterprise Vault in our modular solution framework. Through an intuitive user-defined policy creation process, administrators can easily archive, manage, and access e-mail content at every level - from the inbox to the server.
  • Discover content on demand with Discovery Accelerator, a customizable solution to spotlight, capture, and index Exchange data.
  • Verify compliance regulations with Compliance Accelerator, to simplify organizational compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and similar legislation.
  • Reduce archiving and mailbox complexity, and improve employee productivity with Enterprise Vault’s Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Archiving.

We make it easy to visualize your Exchange infrastructure. You can use Dell’s Exchange Advisor Tool to combine hardware, software, and services options in a virtual model. Dell Exchange 2003 Advisor

Expert service and single source accountability

Dell’s Secure Exchange Service experts, including top-tier Microsoft Rangers, are available to meet your Exchange requirements – today and tomorrow. Dell offers a full suite of services to assist you in the assessment, design and implementation of a robust, tailored archiving solution. Specific activities associated with this service include:
  • Analysis of your Exchange archiving requirements
  • Review of the steps necessary to implement the archiving solution
  • Mapping of requirements to Enterprise Vault policy and configuration settings
  • Installation of Enterprise Vault software on the appropriate servers
  • Identification of the services required for optimum performance
  • Configuration of Enterprise Vault settings to adhere to site defined policies
  • Tuning Enterprise Vault for your infrastructure and topology
  • Knowledge transfer while on-site to your technical staff regarding system administration tasks
Secure Exchange Archiving and Mailbox Management is an integrated solution, offering you a single point of contact and peace of mind – no matter how complex your messaging environment.

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