Dell Services

Dell Services

戴爾 服務宣傳冊



Support Services
意外損壞服務 (Accidental Damage Service)
主動式維護 (Proactive Maintenance)
On-site Diagnosis (到府診斷)
On-site Service Delivery Manager (戴爾 ProSupport 現場 Service Delivery Manager)
On-site Service Escalation Manager (戴爾 ProSupport 現場 Service Escalation Manager)

Dell ProSupport(中文)
Dell Compellent Copilot Optimize Reporting Service Description
Dell Compellent Copilot Optimize Service Description
Dell Compellent Copilot Support Terms and Conditions
Dell Compellent SAN Health Check Service Description
DellTM  IT Advisory Services
Dell ProSupport Plus
Dell ProSupport Point of Need Service
Dell PowerEdge VRTX 的遠端實作 (Remote Implementation of a Dell PowerEdge VRTX)
單一事件保固過期支援 (Single Incident Expired Warranty Support)
商用基本硬體服務 (Commercial Basic Hardware Services)
Dell ProSupport for Multivendor Software

超過保固期限更換密封電池服務 (BRS) (Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement Service(BRS) for Sealed Batteries)
Dell ProSupport Force10 Service
Basic Hardware Support (基礎硬體支援)
Dell ProSupport for OEM

Dell Compellent Copilot Optimize Service Description
Out of Warranty Technical Support
ProSupport for Virtual Integrated System Self Service Creator
ProSupport for Advanced Infrastructure Manager
ProSupport for CommVault Simpana
適用於多廠商軟體的 Dell ProSupport (Dell ProSupport for Software)

Deployment Services - Enterprise Configuration & Deployment
遠端諮詢服務 (Remote Consulting Services)
Dell PowerEdge VRTX 的遠端實作 (Remote Implementation of a Dell PowerEdge VRTX)
Dell 網路交換器安裝與實作 (Installation and Implementation of a Dell Network Switch)
Dell 組態服務 (Dell Configuration Services)

Dell ImageDirect服2.6.2 April 2011


Extended Battery Service (電池延長保固服務(Extended Battery Service))

Battery Replacement Service (BRS)

Hard Drive Data Recovery (硬碟資料回復服務(Hard Drive Data Recovery))
Certified Data Destruction (認證資料銷毀服務(Certified Data Destruction))

Keep Your Hard Drive (保有您的硬碟)
Keep Your Hard Drive at Point of Need (需要時保有您的硬碟) 服務

Asset Recovery Services - 資產回收服務
ARS – IT Asset Recycling- IT 資產再利用
ARS – IT Asset Resale with Offsite Wipe - IT 資產轉售異地清除選項
ARS – IT Asset Resale with Onsite Wipe - IT 資產轉售現場清除選項

Installation and Deployment Services
Microsoft sÅóT¢åtÜäs»ªS+£

Deployment Services – Asset Resale & Recycling
IT 資產轉售現場清除選項 (IT Asset Resale with Onsite Data Wipe)
異地清除選項的 IT 資產轉售 (IT Asset Resale with Offsite Data Wipe)
IT 資產回收 (IT Asset Recycling)

Deployment Services

Configuration Services Service Description
Remote Implementation or Replication of Dell EqualLogic FS7xxx

Logistics Services
Dell ò¿ù¼òPû¦ (Dell Logistics Services)

Installation Services 安裝服務
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IT Management Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) (IT 管理 SaaS(Software-as-a-Service)

IT Management SaaS Service Description (to be used in conjunction with Dell Terms of Sale or other master agreement(s). (IT 管理 SaaS(Software-as-a-Service)服務說明(適用於同Dell銷售條款或其它主協定一同使用)
Dell IT Mgmt SaaS_Service Description (Dell | SaaS IT 管理 )



Dell has closed our DDM, RIM and eSmart SaaS solutions to new customers as of February 13th, 2012. This specification sheet is posted at the link below for the convenience of customers who purchased this service from Dell prior to February 13, 2012.”

Specification Sheets (規格表)

EMS Email Continuity (EMS 電子郵件連續性)
EMS Email Enterprise Archive (EMS 電子郵件企業封存)
EMS Email Rapid Archive (EMS 電子郵件快速封存)
EMS Email Security (EMS 電子郵件安全性)

Contracts No Longer Available for Purchase (已停止銷售的服務說明)

Click here to view Services Descriptions (點擊這裡查看詳細的服務)
CompleteCover & Complete Cover Guard
Dell ProSupport for EndUser (ProSupport for End Users 終端用戶專業支援)
Dell ProSupport for IT (ProSupport for IT IT 專業支援)
Fast Track Dispatch Services (快速派遣)
DDM Anti-Malware & Virus Management (分散裝置管理- 防惡意程式及病毒管理)
Software Asset Management
DDM Laptop Data Encryption (分散裝置管理- 筆記型電腦資料加密)
DDM Online Backup & Restore (分散裝置管理- 線上備份及還原)
DDM Patch Management (分散裝置管理- 修補管理)
DDM Software Distribution (分散裝置管理- 軟體發佈)
DDM Asset Management (分散裝置管理-資產管理)
Remote Infrastructure Monitoring (遠端基礎設施監控)

Remote Configuration of a Dell KACE K1000, Service Desk
Remote Implementation of a Dell KACE Appliance

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