Dell - Custom Factory Integration

Dell - Custom Factory Integration
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Dell's Custom Factory Integration is a frontline solution that integrates hardware, images, applications, peripherals, and documents with your systems, as they're being built. It offers the following benefits:
  • Helps simplify and speed up deployment
  • Can lead to improved consistency and compatibility
  • Helps keep maintenance standards under control

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The Right Approach to Custom Factory Integration

DellTM  Custom Factory Integration is offered for Dell* desktops & notebooks, LatitudeTM  notebooks, OptiPlexTM  desktops, PrecisionTM  workstations, and PowerEdgeTM  servers.

NEW! ImageDirect

Securely create, load and manage custom images onto the Dell client systems you purchase. We have fully integrated ImageDirect into our production systems so that the images you create can be seamlessly applied to your systems during the manufacturing process. Additionally, by allowing you to focus on the management of a single image that works across multiple platforms and departments and by substantially automating much of this work, ImageDirect can streamline image management and enable more robust client images.

Using icon-driven functionality, the Dell ImageDirect service prompts you to import, create and manage images; upload and manage components; and download images and drivers. Depending on your needs, you can import and/or build images to your specifications. Additionally, images can be downloaded for validation in your environment. This helps to ensure a consistent software build throughout your organization and helps you meet any licensing and compliance requirements.

ImageDirect Video

Server Software Integration

Customer Application Solutions
  • DBMS (Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005)
  • Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP, PeopleSoft)
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Proprietary and third-party application installations

Desktop, Notebook and Workstation Software Integration

You can choose custom or standard configurations of standard, custom, or proprietary software to be installed on your desktop, notebook and workstation systems including:
  • Software image loads of all your major operating systems
  • Windows Vista or Windows XP
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Proprietary and third-party applications loads
  • Hard drive partitioning
  • Image Management Services
  • Altiris Recovery Agent/Solution

Hardware Integration

Having your hardware installed and configured at one time, in one place, presents many benefits including standardization and high dependability. Custom Factory Integration makes it possible by helping to ensure the integrity of your unique hardware configurations and making the process of upgrading or transitioning to new software simple. In addition, Custom Factory Integration standardization helps simplify system administration, training, and compatibility issues.

Hardware integration services cover:
  • Installation of industry-standard hardware components and the appropriate drivers, including: Network interface cards, modems, video cards, sound cards, internal storage devices, and hard drives.
  • Custom hardware settings, including: CMOS/BIOS settings, jumper settings, port settings, special scripting and hard drive partitioning.

Parts Replacement Program

The Parts Replacement Program offers Dell Custom Factory Integration customers a single point of contact, should they need to replace many non-standard, internal third party hardware components ordered through CFI for the duration of the system's service contract (3-year maximum).

By choosing Dell's Custom Factory Integration for their custom system needs, customers can eliminate the need to contact multiple manufacturers to replace non-standard parts. All standard Dell hardware components are covered by the standard Dell system limited* warranty and/or service agreement, and now most non-standard CFI parts can be covered for the same length of time by the Parts Replacement Program.

Ask your CFI Representative for more information on this program.

Asset Data Services

Keep tighter control over your assets quickly, with fewer hassles.

Custom Factory Integration offers:
  • Custom packing of special documentation and/or peripherals with your systems
  • Asset Tagging and Labeling
Application of standard or custom asset tags for systems and monitors, and labels for packing boxes. Information gathered and reported on asset tags can include: customer name, service tag, purchase order number, order number, order date, model number, shipping address, system component data, and/or customer-supplied information.

Types of asset tags available include:
  • System tags (3 sizes)
  • Electronic asset tags (in CMOS)
  • Custom box labels

For more details please contact your Dell Representative.

The services detailed above are subject to change at any time and may not be available to all business sectors or geographical locations.

DELL'S NORMAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY AND ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE OR UPON REQUEST. While all efforts are made to check pricing and other errors, inadvertent errors do occur from time to time and Dell reserves the right to decline orders arising from such errors.

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