Solution Station

Solution Station

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솔루션 스테이션
컴퓨터 실행 속도 개선
Health Check Basic Advanced Premium
Check PC and attached peripherals (e.g. printer, router, storage devices, etc.
Check for hardware, software and operating system problems (fixes not included)
We will provide you with a proposal on how to fix the problem(s). If it is a real simple fix, the expert will solve it immediately.
Clean and remove unwanted files:
  • Internet Explorer (cache, cookies)
  • Windows Temporary Files
Clean and remove Temporary Files (Temp Folder and Recycle Bin)
Run Disk Cleanup wizard
Hard disk error check
Update critical Windows files and Service Packs and enable automatic updates to keep system healthy in future
Conduct Broadband Speed Test and Advise on PC location for optimum Wireless throughput
Back-up and modify your registry for speed optimization
Back up and modify your system’s configuration file for performance
Enable or disable unnecessary system services
When the service is complete, the Expert will provide you an overview of the services performed

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