Dell and VMware Alliance

Dell and VMware Alliance
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Dell l VMware Alliance



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Dell l VMware deliver the Power of Virtualization.

Through a strong, longstanding partnership, Dell and VMware have collaborated to jointly test and certify VMware Infrastructure 3 virtualization software on Dell PowerEdgeTM  Servers and Dell/EMC Storage. Today, Dell certifies and offers both Intel®  dual-core Xeon®  Processors and AMD Opteron®  processors for greater choice and flexibility for growing IT needs. Together, Dell and VMware bring you significant benefits and exceptional value.

You're ready to compete. Dell is ready to deliver.

The combined strength of Dell, Intel, AMD, and VMware can deliver significant benefits for small, medium, and large organizations across all industries and sectors:

  • Increase operational flexibility and efficiency: Quick deployment of software applications and services for fast time to productivity.
  • Realize transformative cost savings: Low TCO from virtualized IT infrastructures that enable effective use of budget resources and help decrease operational costs.
  • Minimize risk and enhance IT service levels: Zero-downtime maintenance capabilities and rapid recovery times for high availability and streamlined disaster recovery scenarios across the data center.
  • Optimize IT environments: VMware virtual infrastructures help optimise and manage the enterprise-from Dell PowerEdge servers to Dell OptiPlexTM  desktops and Dell LatitudeTM  laptop PCs.

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