Dell | Oracle Tested and Validated Configurations

Dell | Oracle Tested and Validated Configurations

Detailed information on Dell/Oracle support and product offerings

Validated Configurations:

Dell has engineers dedicated to testing and validating Oracle on particular hardware and software stacks known as "validated configurations". These Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 9i configurations are strongly recommended due to the business-critical importance of database solutions.

When customers with a Dell validated configuration and a Platinum or Gold Enterprise Support contract contact Dell, Dell technicians have access to any known issues that the Dell engineering team has found associated with the validated solution stack, allowing them to respond quickly to resolve these issues. For customers who have Oracle and Dell support contracts, Dell technicians can escalate any new issues on validated configurations both within Dell and Oracle for fast resolution. All Dell systems shipped out of the factory with Oracle are validated configurations.

Support Agreements:

Dell maintains a "Cooperative Support Agreement" and "Joint Escalation Team" with Oracle® . When our customers also have an Oracle Service Agreement, these agreements with Oracle allow Dell technicians to open and escalate issues within Oracle. We recommend that customers have service contracts with both Dell and Oracle.

Supported Configurations:

Dell supports its hardware and, for customers who purchase Platinum or Gold Enterprise Support, Dell will provide operating system (OS) support and issue escalation for the customer to the independent software vendor that provided the OS. For Oracle customers who buy service agreements with Oracle and have not purchased a "Dell validated" configuration, Dell technicians can provide best effort support and can help the customer make initial contact with Oracle.

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