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Access LogixTM  provides volume access control for multiple heterogeneous hosts connected to the same Dell / EMC system for data consolidation at the departmental level and increased departmental and workgroup efficiency.

Access Logix controls access to both reading and writing data, configuration changes, and management of Dell / EMC system resources. It can help improve IT staff productivity and reduce management costs by simplifying tasks and providing better access to information.

Access Logix can assure that business transaction integrity remains intact, protected from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft. In addition, it can increases operational efficiency by providing a central point for authorizing access to data.

  • Enable multiple-host connectivity and storage consolidation for Dell/EMC systems throughout your distributed environment.
  • Realize increased efficiency by simplifying tasks and providing better access to needed information.
  • Rapidly deploy new hosts and reassign capacity without scheduled maintenance or downtime.

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