Which display is right for me?

Choosing a screen resolution is like choosing a tool suited for a particular job.

Choose Screen Resolution...If you plan to use your laptop for...
Internet, email, word processing
Basic photo editing, PowerPoint, spreadsheets or casual games
- A mobile DVD player
- Advanced photo editing or gaming
- Computer aided drafting, graphic design, or video editing

* When a "W" appears before the screen resolution , i.e. WXGA, it denotes a wide screen display.


Resolution is the number of pixels on the display with the horizontal number shown first, followed by the vertical number (1200 x 800). The pixel number increases with higher resolution SXGA+ and UXGA screens. While the overall appearance of documents and photos is greatly improved with higher resolution, fonts, icons and graphic elements appear physically smaller.

Higher resolutions allow for greater image detail and more workspace, which is great for DVD viewing, gaming, and multitasking, but higher resolutions might not be ideal for those that have difficulty reading text on their monitor since the text and images might be too small.

TrueLifeTM  Displays

A TrueLifeTM  display offers a viewing experience that is more crisp and more vivid than lower resolution displays that have anti-glare coatings and lower contrast ratios. Enjoy movies and photos like never before.

Dell Wide Screen

Wide Screen or "Wide-Aspect" is a measure of the ratio of width to height of a screen. Traditional notebook LCDs are a 4:3 aspect ratio, while Inspiron Wide Screen LCDs have a wide aspect ratio of 16:10.

Wide Aspect Comparison

A benefit of the wide screen technology is being able to see more information on screen. The wide aspect 15.4" WXGA screen provides 30% more information than standard aspect ratio 15" XGA screens, and the wide aspect 15.4" WUXGA screen provides 20% more information than standard 15" UXGA screens.

  • Wide Aspect displays will increase the amount of information visible on the screen at any time, helping business users be more productive
  • Whether you are running 3D modeling applications, video editing, creating presentations, or just reading e-mail, you will see more and potentially be more productive with Dell's Wide Aspect notebook.



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