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Unwire and Unwind
Stay connected even when you’re away from your desk. A wireless card allows you to connect to the Internet in high speed from virtually any location where a wireless network is available. And with Dell’s range of options, you can choose the wireless card that fits your lifestyle. Surf the Internet outdoors, play games from the comfort of your couch or catch up on work at your favorite coffeehouse.*

Of course, wireless also means that several family members can share the same Internet connection. And you can share files and print without having to manage an unsightly tangle of wires.

If you want...Choose...
A basic connection (for 802.11 a/b/g wireless networks)Intel®  PRO/Wireless 3945 internal Wi-Fi card, Dell Wireless 1395 internal Wi-Fi card, Dell Wireless 1397 internal Wi-Fi card
A home wireless network that can go up to 5X faster and get up to twice the range of 802.11g when used with a Wireless -N router.*A Wireless N card (Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N or Dell 1505 Wireless-N internal Wi-Fi card) plus a Wireless-N router

Here’s a summary of the standards available:

  • Wireless -G or “802.11b/g”: A 802.11 b/g wireless mini-card can connect to your wireless router at home or a Wi-Fi hotspot.* Access your e-mail, shop online, check your stock portfolio or pay bills online when you’re in range of a wireless router.
  • Wireless -N or “Draft 802.11n”: Upgrade to a Wireless-N mini-card to go up to 5X faster and get up to twice the range of 802.11g when used with a Wireless -N router.*

It is essential that you enable the security features that come with your Dell wireless product so that wireless security standards like WPA and WPA2 can help keep your data away from prying eyes.

Wireless At Home

For wireless access at home, you’ll need:
  • Broadband Internet access, such as DSL or cable (not dial-up).
  • A wireless router to connect to your cable or DSL modem.
  • A wireless card for your laptop.
Dell’s Wireless Installation service can help you set up your wireless home network. You can choose this service in the wireless section of the Dell configurator for select laptops.

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