Printer Cartridge Yields

tested by: Quality Logo

PrinterInkHigh Capacity BlackStandard Capacity BlackHigh Capacity ColorStandard Capacity Color
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 810Series 6    -    -    -104
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 926 Series 9285172 256155
Dell Photo All-in-One Printer 946 Series 5483270552252
Dell Photo All-in-One Printer 948 Series 11472181420231
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 966 Series 7502257500285
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 968 Series 7490233515288
Dell All-in- One Printer V105 Series 15    -177    -158
Dell All-in- One Printer V305 Series 9293161286171
Dell All-in- One Printer V505 Series 11461256363239
Dell All-in- One Printer V313,V515w and V715w Single Use* Series 21    -180    -170
Dell All-in- One Printer V313, V515w and V715w Regular Use Series 21R     -180    -170
Dell All-in- One Printer V313Single Use* Series 22360    -340    -
Dell All-in- One Printer V313Regular Use Series 22R360    -340    -
Dell All-in- One Printer V515Single Use* Series 23500    -340    -
Dell All-in- One Printer V515Regular Use Series 23R500    -340    -
Dell All-in- One Printer V715wSingle Use* Series 24500    -500    -
Dell All-in- One Printer V715wRegular Use Series 24R500    -500    -
*Single use tanks cost less than comparable yield regular use cartridges.

PrinterInkPhoto Cartridge Yield
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 926Series 9109
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 946Series 5105
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 948Series 11171
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 966Series 7185
Dell Photo All-in- One Printer 968Series 7191
Dell All-in- One Printer V105 Series 972
Dell All-in- One Printer V305 Series 958
Dell All-in- One Printer V505 Series 11176

Performance Claims for Dell Printers

Dell is committed to support industry standards which assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions. Dell fully supports and employs the ISO (International Standards Organization) standard for monochrome laser toner yield (ISO 19752), and is participating in the development of pending standards for color toner, color ink, and printer speeds.

Until developing standards are adopted for color toner, color ink, and printer speed (also called printer productivity), Dell has developed robust test methodologies that adopt many of the key components of existing ISO standards. Dell is working in collaboration with QualityLogic, a well known test lab, to establish these test methodologies which honour the intent and spirit of existing ISO standards.

QualityLogic and Dell both participate in the ISO committee process, developing standards for the printing and imaging industry.

For consumables yield testing (determining the number of pages a customer can expect to print under average conditions), Dell has adopted the following methodology:

  • The tests are conducted on at least 3 units of a specific printer model
  • Dell or QualityLogic tests 12 of each cartridge type and size
  • Images printed are a combination of industry standard pages, photo suites (if applicable), and business application outputs that are color balanced
  • For color laser products, test pages represent 5% page coverage per color, consistent with ISO trends
  • Cartridge yield is determined using the same statistical rigour as the standards already adopted by ISO
  • Determination of consumable depletion uses the ISO definition of fade (2mm gap), or in the case of color, when the first color is depleted
  • Tests are run in a semi continuous fashion, with breaks for replenishing paper supply and overnight, consistent with ISO trends
  • Temperature and relative humidity are closely monitored and controlled

Claims Testing by QualityLogic
For certain types of claims which may be of particular importance to our customers, Dell may employ an independent third party to perform specification testing. Many customers perceive enhanced objectivity in such independent certifications of key product specifications.

Dell has selected QualityLogic as our partner in claims testing. QualityLogic is a leader in the quality assurance industry and QualityLogic staff members participate in relevant ISO subcommittees. QualityLogic’s reputation for quality, independence and integrity among those who manufacture, sell and buy printer products makes the company an ideal independent source of comparative printer measurements.

For the past 18 years, QualityLogic has supplied a wide range testing tools and services to major printer manufacturers and has provided test tools to PC Magazine for their printer reviews. QualityLogic has been an industry pioneer in providing standard tools and services for assessing printer performance, printer consumables reliability analysis, consumables yield and test suites for printer functionality tests.

Who is QualityLogic? www.qualitylogic.com