Help prevent viruses, remove spyware, block hackers and safeguard your personal information.

DellTM  understands that keeping your system safe is critical. We've partnered with the world's leading manufacturers of security software to provide you with affordable products to help guard your PC from the various threats that currently exist. With Internet threats on the rise, the right protection has never been more critical. However, McAfee®  together with DellTM  offer industry-leading software protection compatibility tested to work with your new DellTM  system. Your system will automatically ship with a McAfee® security software.

DellTM  recommends that you sign up now for one of the security subscriptions. It will give you peace of mind and you can stay protected against security related issues for up to three years. Purchasing security software with your computer purchase can help prevent your system from slowing down and ever being infected with many known viruses, and thus help reduce long term costs while helping protect your PC from prevalent threats.

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Mcafee Security

Dell has partnered with world’s leading manufacturer of security software to provide you with affordable products to help guard your PC from the various threats that currently exist. All Dell system will be instantly protected with security software if you select now and enjoy a total out-of-the-box experience.

Do not leave your system unprotected from …..

TermsDefinition & threatsWhy do we need to be protected?
Viruses & other malicious threats
A computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user causing damage of programs, deleting files, or reformatting the hard disk.Anti virus live updates with up to dates subscriptions help removes latest viruses and malicious threats automatically.
Clutter your mails box with "junk" e-mail messages & annoying pop-up ads when you surf the net.Anti Spam shields you from junk email, block intrusive pop-up & banner ads, giving you an enjoyable experience online.
Spyware are usually encrypted in software. It steals banking details & passwords. Intrude your privacy.Anti spyware intercepts spyware before it installs on your computer and removes existing spyware protecting your privacy & from online frauds.
Personal firewalls monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer.Firewall acts as a computer bouncer it identifies and blocks known Trojan horses and malicious Web scripts keeping your computer safe.

If you choose to not subscribe at this time, your system will automatically ship with a 30 day trial period of Mcafee Security. To ensure that your system stays protected beyond this period, Dell recommends that you sign up now for one of the security subscriptions to help protect your system against security related issues.

If I don't select a subscription with my system purchase, can I subscribe after I've received my system?

Yes! You can subscribe at any time during your existing trial software period but in many times at a higher cost. Save more with Mcafee Security 15, 24 & 36 months subscriptions.

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